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Are you still broke financially, living paycheck to paycheck? Are you having problems with how society is changing, and the world seems to have fallen into chaos? Well, let Barrye bring some Joy and Hope into your life by showing you how to defeat both of these Strongholds….simply by inviting Barrye to come and teach your Church, Ministry, Business, or Organization how to “Meet God’s Financial Potential For Your Life”, and to live by “The Power of The Kingdom Believer’s Life™”.

Barrye Harmon’s Teaching Lectures, Kingdom Focused Workshops, and Enrichment Seminars are designed to show you how to be effective Kingdom Leaders, Kingdom Business Leaders, Individuals to become Disciples of Christ, and to help build Kingdom Organizations of all sizes for the (Kingdom of God) using the Word of God as you walk out God’s purpose for your life here on Earth. After having heard Barrye  reveal the Power of The Kingdom Believer’s Life™, and discovering how to “Meet God’s Financial Potential For Your Life”, the participants leave motivated to abandon existing sin, and unproductive habits for more effective kingdom thinking and kingdom living.

Training and Development

Barrye provides Christian Business Keynote, and Speaking Presentations, Enrichment Seminars, Kingdom Focused Workshops,  and Teaching Lectures.


Group learning can be achieved through our Enrichment Seminars, and Teaching Lectures. There is no minimum or maximum number of people needed in order for Barrye to provide any type of training or service you need.

Here’s why: A Shepherd had 100 sheep on a hill, 1 strayed away. The Shepherd left the other 99 to go find the one. God wants every one to be Perfect meaning (Mature in Christ), and prepared to come back to Him!

Discover for yourself the benefits of living “The Kingdom Believer’s Life™”, and come out of Poverty by “Meeting God’s Financial Potential For Your Life!”

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Barrye’s Most Requested Speaking Topics

  • Meeting God’s Financial Potential For Your Life
  • The Power of The Kingdom Believer’s Life™
  • 14 Kingdom Laws For Living A Christ-Like Life
  • 19 Kingdom Laws For Organizational Leadership
  • Growing Up In A Fatherless Home
  • Strongholds: Angels, Demons, and Heavenly Beings
  • Be Careful Who You Marry
  • Living In Loneliness
  • Self-Worth/ Self-Esteem

Greater Visions Ministries, Sand Springs, OK
Santa Fe Community College, Gainesville, FL
Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, Gainesville, FL
Mount Pleasant United Methodist Church, Gainesville, FL
United States Marine Corps, Quantico, VA
U.S. Naval Reserve, Waco, TX
United States Navy, Jacksonville, FL
Department of Veterans Affairs, Tulsa, OK
Community Action Resource Association, Tulsa, OK