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To Train, To Teach, To Transform Lives


Barrye’s mission is to bring God’s kingdom culture to the lives of those who uses his products and services, which in turn brings God’s kingdom culture to earth; to help people with their individual growth, and personal relationship with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. And to help all of God’s people, employees, Veterans, leaders of all organizations, and Church leaders to become the best they can be, and to receive a greater understanding about the Kingdom of God, and how spiritual things operate in God’s Kingdom here on Earth.

With this knowledge, you will become a true kingdom person walking in the dominion and authority that Christ took back from Satan, which will open doors in your life, business, ministry, and community. With our faith, and training resources working together, you will succeed! Just remember, “You can do all things through Christ who gives you strength.”


Barrye J. Harmon, Sr., provides Inspirational & Keynote Speaking Presentations, Enrichment Seminars, Kingdom Focused Workshops, and Teaching Lectures. Barrye also provides training for Individuals, Veteran Groups, and Leadership Development, through his Professional Leadership Courses, God’s Kingdom Principles Training Books, The Kingdom Believer’s Life™ Bible Study Courses, and other Ministry Products.



Barrye provides group learning via his Enrichment Seminars, Teaching Lectures, Kingdom Focused Workshops, other Training Resources and Ministry Products.


Barrye J. Harmon, Sr., LLC

Barrye J. Harmon, Sr., LLC  is the Recording, Production, Media, Film, Distribution Company, and is the Publishing House of all materials written, recorded, filmed, spoken, printed, and produced by Barrye J. Harmon, Sr. Barrye J. Harmon, Sr., LLC manufactures, publishes, distributes, Prints, and sells: Books, Bible Study Courses, Curriculum Courses, CDs, DVDs, Audio & Video Teachings, Podcasts, Video Broadcasts, Seminars, Teaching Lectures, Training Resources, Sermons, and Ministry Products of Barrye Harmon, Sr. Barrye’s products are designed to help develop, establish, expand, and to train Individuals, Veteran Groups, Local Groups, Churches, Ministries, Businesses, and Organizations of all sizes, and their Leadership for the Kingdom of God.


These products, trainings, teachings, development services, and The Kingdom Learning System™ developed by God are designed to help develop, establish, expand, and to train Individuals, Groups, Churches, Ministries, Businesses, and Organizations of all sizes, and their leadership for The Kingdom of God!



Brands & Trademarks

The Kingdom Believer’s Life™ (TKBL)
The Kingdom Minute
The Kingdom Believer’s Voice™

These are protected Trademarks & Brands of Barrye J. Harmon, Sr.

The Kingdom Believer’s Life™ (TKBL)

What is the function and purpose of this trademark & brand?  The Kingdom Believer’s Life™ (TKBL) is God’s true way of living! It is God’s way of walking out the Kingdom of God. When a person lives their life as a Believer, they are showing the unsaved world how to believe in the kingdom promises of God, which is a specific covenant that God made with man. And when you have faith in the eternal God, you enter into that covenant relationship with God.

The Kingdom Believer’s Life™ is a person who’s life and foundation is built upon The Kingdom of God, which is living by God’s morals, values, principles, will, commands, decrees, and laws. It is walking with God, being lead by the Holy Spirit, having accepted Jesus to be Master of their life as Lord and Savior, living by every word that comes from the mouth of God (The Bible), building and maintaining a relationship with God.

When you live by God’s power (the Holy Spirit), you are guaranteed to have a rich and satisfying life promised by Jesus. And through this relationship and His principles, the circumstances in your life will change. Begin your kingdom walk by using our different platforms below to begin receiving God’s healing power, and learn to live as a true Believer and Disciple of Christ.

The Kingdom Believer’s Life™ Platforms
Bible Study Courses
Leadership Bible Study Courses
DVD Courses
Healing Devotional
Walk (Weekly Lessons)
Journal (Magazine)
Voice (Newsletter)
Weekly Prayer
Enrichment Seminars
Teaching Lectures
Kingdom Focused Workshops
Kingdom Learning System

The Kingdom Minute™
What is the function and purpose of this trademark & brand? The Kingdom Minute™ serve as the Podcast and Audio broadcast platform to distribute the Kingdom message about the Good News.

The Kingdom Believer’s Voice™
The Kingdom Believer’s Voice™ serves as the print/digital Newsletter for Barrye Harmon Ministries.