Meet Barrye J. Harmon, Sr.

Barrye J. Harmon, Sr., is the CEO/Life Coach/Publisher of Barrye J. Harmon, Sr., LLC, Founder and Senior Pastor of Barrye Harmon Ministries, and Barrye Harmon Leadership Academy.

Barrye was ordained by the Will of God through Jesus to walk in 4 of the 5-fold ministry offices: Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, and Teacher. Barrye is an Author, Kingdom Speaker, Mentor, Counselor, Consultant, Community Leader, and Publisher. He’s an Authority on the topic of God’s Kingdom Life Principles, and the creator and developer of the brand The Kingdom Believer’s Life™. He is the Author and Publisher of the books, “God’s Kingdom Principles of Marriage”, “The Kingdom Believer’s Life™ Handbook”, and “God’s Plan for My Life.”

In 2001, while serving on active duty in the United States Navy aboard the USS John F. Kenney, the tragic events of 9/11/2001 happened. The Ship was called up to New York to guard its coast. And it was during this time that God began talking to Barrye, and preparing his transition into the Kingdom of God. Over the next few years Barrye was trained by the Holy Spirit for his calling!

In 2006, Barrye was translated to Heaven, and received his calling. God spoke and said, “I have called you to preach, to teach, and to heal. I have called you to help change my people’s lives. I have ordained you to preach the gospel that Jesus preached – the Kingdom of God!” And that is what Barrye has been doing.

Barrye’s call to the Ministry began with this verse of scripture from the book of Ephesians 4:1: “Therefore I, a prisoner for serving the Lord, beg you to lead a life worthy of your calling, for you have been called by God.” This verse jumped off the page, and Barrye knew in his spirit why God created him, and what his purpose in life was going to be! Barrye began serving the Lord as a Licensed Minister at Friendship Baptist Church in Gainesville, FL.

One year later, the Lord moved Barrye to Tulsa, Oklahoma to begin his Ministry full-time for the Lord. Barrye ministers to thousands of people, and counsels the Nations to help lives be set free from sin. Barrye ministers to countless souls over the internet through his Online Ministry.

Barrye has been recognized with National and State awards. He has leadership experience in Civic, Social, Government, and Community organizations. His favorite award which was awarded to him in 2004 is the President’s Volunteer Service Award for his countless hours of serving his Community and his Country. Barrye is a dedicated Veteran having faithfully and honorably served his country with almost 20 years of service in three branches of service. But most importantly, Barrye is an overcomer of multiple-barriers such as homelessness and poverty.

Barrye was chosen by the Will of God, and ordained by Jesus as an Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, and Teacher. The Spirit of God is upon Barrye and his Ministries. Many miracles and healings have taken place in this Ministry, and it is only because of the Power of God.

Prophet Harmon: “I pray that the Lord will strengthen your heart for Him, and that you will receive the Robe and Crown of Righteousness that is waiting for you.”